Embracing AI as a professional in Strategy

Through my 7+ years in strategy and business analysis, I see the progress in the AI field as the endgame for all Big Data trends we saw rising in the last 15 years. We’ll be finally capable of improving accuracy in our analytical tasks, delivering higher value to a wide range of stakeholders, no matter the size and type of projects.

The human-AI synergy will be key to properly automating intellectual office work, as the meaning of efficiency and productivity changes in the course of AI adoption.

Real-time and on-demand: Translating vast amounts of data into actionable insights, in real-time and on-demand, is a real game changer for the entertainment industry. Especially in a world where consumer behavior and market trend shifts happen more frequently and are more uncertain. The timing for decision-making on content creation and product development projects, marketing strategies, and distribution relies on data accuracy and validity to succeed. If insights become outdated during the development process, this could risk the success of the projects.

Automation of Intellectual Office Work: Tasks that were once time-consuming such as building documentation, and analysing data are now being automated, allowing us to streamline processes and work more efficiently. While AI may not replace the creativity of a human screenwriter or marketer, it can assist in generating ideas, repurposing material, and even optimizing distribution strategies for specific target audiences.

There’s still an open discussion on copyright and monetization of AI-generated content in culture and art industries. However, AI can assist creators and deciders on so many levels outside the content itself. While seeking funding, for example, a creator could automatically develop mood boards and pitches to present ideas and abstract concepts.

The Human-AI Collaboration: The bottom line is that as we integrate AI tools into our daily work, it is essential to recognize the opportunity they offer to augment our capabilities. As professionals, it’s in our hands to harness the potential of AI in combination with our unique human skills. The key is to strike a balance between the analytical prowess of AI and our creativity, intuition, and emotional intelligence.

As data and AI continue to mold our world, the key to thriving lies in optimization. By combining talent with capacity, we can continue to provide value and drive improvement in our daily lives and work, ensuring a bright future for the entertainment industry and beyond.


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